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About The Competitions


Al Dhafra Festival Falconry Competitions 2022-2023

From 09 January To 12 January 2023


On the sidelines of the Al Dhafra Festival, the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club organizes falconry competitions in Madinat Zayed Square in Al Dhafra Region - Abu Dhabi.
Over a period of four days, the club organizes six rounds for the Telwah competitions, four rounds of which are for the category of chicks, and two rounds are for the Jernas category

The Sheikh Zayed Festival Falcon Competitions 2022

From 22 December To 27 December 2022


The participation of the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club in organizing the competitions of the Sheikh Zayed Falconry Festival comes in view of the great priority that the Sheikh Zayed Festival enjoys in the agenda of the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club, due to the cherished place it occupies in the hearts of everyone due to its association with the name of the late founder, God willing, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, where the competition schedule was divided into 8 rounds for the category of chicks only, 4 rounds for the category of sheikhs and 4 rounds for the general category. The sport of hunting and falconry at the present time, and fulfills the aspirations of falconers and their great aspirations to participate and enrich the most expensive herit  

The President Cup Falcon Competitions 2022-2023

From 16 January To 27 January 2023



The President's Cup Falcon Competitions is held in line with the support and interest of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State «may God protect him», and under the direct supervision of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and the organization of the Abu Dhabi Falconers Club, which is looking forward to preserving On the achievements of the past and the endeavor to support the march of the UAE's heritage and the originality of heritage sports that are rich in history, noble values and a purposeful message, in appreciation of the endeavors of pride and pride in the historical heritage that laid its steps and its first daughters at the hands of the pioneering founders of the grandfathers and fathers. The President’s Cup competition extends to its tenth station due to the great successes it achieved in its previous seasons, the wide participation of falconers and the great distinction achieved by the competitions in the various stages.