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Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Enhance falconry traditions in Abu Dhabi, preserve falcons for being national symbol and tourism attraction.

  2. Set-in collaboration with the Emirates falconry Society, the policies, rules, conditions and regulations to preserve sustainable falconry in Abu Dhabi.

  3. Designate some certain areas for falconry, manage and keep them properly in order to make them tourism attraction.

  4. Avail live preys through the establishment of breeding centers.

  5. Enable the youngsters to practice falconry in a suitable social environment in accordance with UAE traditions and norms.

  6. Enhance and increase the awareness of the community about falconry.

  7. Provide and cater for all necessary needs and services related to falconry.

  8. Contribute and coordinate with all relevant governmental sportive entities in Abu Dhabi-including the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, in order to implement the plans of the Abu Dhabi Government in terms of sports, youth and other related activities.

  9. Organize relevant competitions, conferences and festivals in terms of various falconry events.

  10. Coordinate the agenda of falconry events in Abu Dhabi and give the approval to organize them.

  11. Accredit the establishment of falconry teams and set the required respective rules and conditions.

  12. Set the rules and conditions of falconry activities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.