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Republic The 2nd World Nomad Games 2016 Witnessed Remarkable Presence of Abu Dhabi Falconers Club

Republic The 2nd World Nomad Games 2016 Witnessed Remarkable Presence of Abu Dhabi Falconers Club


As part of its plans to promote the UAE heritage and falconry sport in international events, Abu Dhabi Falconers Club (ADFC) has made remarkable presence and participation in the 2nd World Nomad Games 2016, which was organized in the Kyrgyz Republic. ADFC’s participation reflected its leading national role in showcasing the bright image of UAE heritage and the considerable interest and support it receives from the wise leadership to preserve and promote this heritage.

ADFC represented the UAE amongst 40 other nations that attended the festival, taking part in several activities including a traditional tent that attracted considerable interest from visitors who wanted to know more about ADFC, its annual falconry competitions and the latest technologies it uses in terms of registration, refereeing, organization and TV transmission. ADFC has further given direct presentations to the festival visitors on falconry, which was met with admiration for the advanced level achieved by ADFC and its evident capabilities in showcasing falconry sports and competitions in a distinguished way.

ADFC’s delegation was headed by Saeed Al Hamli, who was accompanied by a team of falconers and administrative staff members.

On his part, Mr. Sultan Ibrahim Al Mahmoud, ADFC’s CEO, stressed the importance of the Club’s participation in the 2nd World Nomad Games 2016 in the Kyrgyz Republic as it helps promote falconry which is part of the UAE’s genuine heritage and showcase the advanced schemes and technologies applied by ADFC across all traditional competitions. He commended the genuine interest and support given by the wise leadership to revive the heritage and promote its role amongst all segments of the UAE society. Mr. Al Mahmoud added that such participations would give ADFC more exposure on the global level in line with its strategy to encourage and spread falconry locally and internationally. He said that ADFC is always seeking to consolidate local and global partnerships to promote falconry and acquaint the world with the advanced level it has reached in the UAE in a record time.

“ADFC is proud to represent the UAE in such significant global events to reflect the genuine interest and sponsorship given by the wise leadership to this sport and to showcase the current boom in the UAE’s traditional sports in general and falconry in particular,” Mr. Al Mahmoud concluded.